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Faculty of Music Student Lounge [entries|friends|calendar]
U of M Faculty of Music Student Lounge

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[24 Apr 2007|10:49pm]

sweet, sweet freedom.

toodaloo, peeps - i'm out of this place and off to finish my arts degree.
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[16 Apr 2007|11:08am]


if anyone knows of any first years coming in... let them know I will sell them my history books & CDs for a good price.

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Dear Lounge, [15 Feb 2007|06:32pm]

Why do you have the upstairs couches right now?
I was asked not only by Susan but by Ms. Senior Stick as well.
Oh well, I was clueless.

Love, Me.
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my un-musical musing [08 Feb 2007|10:54pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

oh 'fanny' boy,
the shit, the shit is smelling
from flush to flush,
and down the sewer side.

the smell ain't gone
and all the flow'rs are dying
it's poo, it's poo,
shall flow and i must hide.

(sorry if i ruined that song for anyone.  i did that when i was 12 and have never been able to sing the song with a straight face since).

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[07 Feb 2007|06:40pm]

i found a purple nalgene bottle last night after Charmaine's recital, does anyone belong to said bottle?
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[03 Feb 2007|09:10pm]

[ mood | bored ]

History 2 is the most painful course at the Faculty of Music, isn't it?

I find the music slow and dull... early Italian opera just isn't my thing. (enough with the trills that sound like sickly hiccups, already...)

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[02 Feb 2007|11:09am]


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[01 Feb 2007|04:13pm]

Hey Everyone:
We got a dean.

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[27 Jan 2007|10:26am]

If you drop out of the Music Festival, do you automatically forfeit the money you paid? Even with a doctor's note?

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[18 Jan 2007|03:16pm]

Pizza Day Tomorrow!
Put on by your friendly, neighbourhood Faculty of Music Students' Association!

Starts at 11:30 a.m.
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[04 Jan 2007|10:22am]
No Collegium rehearsal tonight. Rehearsals start next Thursday.

Thought I'd just let everyone know.
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[02 Jan 2007|11:40am]

Anyone have an extra room that needs renting out until end of April-ish?

OH - and is there Collegium on Thursday? I don't think I can make it because I am in Kenora and don't have a place to live in the city right now...
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FOM Event! [31 Dec 2006|02:19pm]

Hey everybody! Just wanted to let everyone know that the next planned Stu-Co event is:


Read on, but if you know anyone at the FofM that I've missed, feel free to forward this on!

Thx guys!

You know you Want to!Collapse )
THANKS - see you THERE!!!!!!
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[23 Dec 2006|09:55pm]


The Faculty of Music should participate in the school's world exchange program. I want to be somewhere tropical.

Your thoughts?

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REQUIRED READING [20 Dec 2006|11:10pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Talks With Great Composers by Arthur Abell.

If you are at all serious about music, or art of any kind, get it and read it.


Mr. Abell was an American who spoke candidly with the greatest composers of his day about their art, and how they received and dealt with inspiration. Between 1890 and 1917 he had very deep and insightful talks with Puccini, Richard Strauss, Engelbert Humperdinck, Max Bruch, Grieg, and Brahms.

It's a fascinating and powerful look at the workings of real genius. Every paragraph is amazing.

$19 including tax and shipping from Chapters.ca. Do it NOW.

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PIANO FOR SALE - tell your friends... [18 Dec 2006|12:25pm]

- $2500 OBO
- Pearl river, apartment sized upright piano, a GREAT starter instrument
- 7 years left on a 10-year warranty with St. John's Music
- Available immediately

Read more...Collapse )
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Found this on Post Secret [17 Dec 2006|10:41am]

I found this on the website Post Secret...I thought you guys would appriciate it :P

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[11 Dec 2006|08:46pm]

So...who else is fucked for History? Pick me..Ohhhh pick me.....
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[08 Dec 2006|10:32am]


let's pretend that you don't like your large ensemble and it's continually wrecking your voice. Is there anything you can do? I mean, aside from fake singing... like, what would happen if I dropped it? (this is very unlikely, but I'm curious) Would they let me in 2nd year? AND - what ARE the other large ensembles one can take that don't require singing? (for future reference)
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To all you Collegium folks out there... [04 Dec 2006|11:56pm]


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think this might be much nicer than Second Cup on Corydon? Anyway, RSVP: equivocated@hotmail.com
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